Six Weeks and Counting. . .

Al and I had to make a somewhat risky decision six weeks ago. With the pandemic looming, we had to decide whether or not to attend a wedding of our friends’ youngest daughter Phoebe and her sweet Jacob. We decided to go and were blessed to ride downtown with a couple of great friends we too seldom spend time with.

The next day we went to church as usual. But after listening to the news that afternoon about the Coronavirus, I decided to stay home from Bible study. Since then, our church has depended upon livestream worship and Zoom. Our lives together had changed—suddenly and drastically.

Since then we’ve crossed out over 20 events, appointments, etc. on our March-April calendars, cancelled an Airbnb in Flagstaff, AZ for our May family reunion, and thankfully not gotten COVID-19.

With all the changes have come new insight and skills. From YouTube, I’ve learned to make pompons for knitted hats completed for next year’s NBA All-Star game and face masks that have been donated to St. Francis Hospice and Valle Vista Health as well as given to family and friends. BTW: I’m still making them if you need some. And of course, I’ve learned to Zoom.

How have I spent my time? I’ve zigzagged between writing, reading, cooking, baking, sewing, bike riding, practicing yoga, and most recently gardening. Some things haven’t changed much. I still get up at 6am Monday through Friday and walk with two friends around the neighborhood for 40 minutes with social distancing, of course! Al and I still watch TV or movies almost every night. BTW: If you haven’t seen vintage movies such as Lilies of the Field or Casablanca, now would be a good time.

The absolute BEST part of these past six weeks, however, has been not looking forward to the next event or activity but enjoying the NOW. I’ve listened to and watched more birds than I have in my entire life. My time with God doesn’t stop with the morning study, prayer and devotional. I’ve felt His presence throughout the day—especially when I wash my hands reciting James 4:7-8. I think He gets a big kick out of that.

Relish this time. And count your blessings—one by one.


  1. Vicki sheley

    You’ve always been an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing and most of all thanks for being a great example to us all….Blessings to you and Al….

    Life is so much easier when Jesus is carrying us!

    Love you, Vicki Sheley

  2. Bruce and Patty

    We just finished listening to our Pastor on Facebook. Then we caught your message. We feel we have been twice blessed!

  3. Jane Bowman

    Thank you Sister. So much of what you say, I realize I’ve experiences. The birds I hear are still hiding in the new spring foliage. I always forget to take my binoculars when I walk outside. Tomorrow looks like an outside walking day. I’m getting the binoculars and putting them at the back door. Keep on praying and writing KOWAP.

  4. Lauren Rees

    Amen!!! This time has truly been a blessing to my little family and I!! We’re making the most of the moments..extra rest, snuggles and giggles, conversations, cooking and baking together, yardwork, playing, bike rides, walks..and just being together. Most importantly we’re spending more time growing in the Lord together!!!

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